Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mini-weekend getaway.

(Freedom Park-butterfly bench)
I left my family for two days (one night) to attend the anniversary party of family friends.  These are the kinds of  friends that have know me since I was knee-high through my terrible teen years, have been there for me through many major life events, and still unconditionally love me.  So nearly family, yes?

They had a beautiful afternoon church service that involved husband and wife speaking and then their three children stood and spoke about their parents' love and respect for each other.  It was a perfect tribute to this couple.  It was wonderful for me to visit with family and friends; some that I hadn't seen for years.  50 years of blissful marriage is something to celebrate and I was so happy that I could road trip to Prescott, Wisconsin for their event.

Oliver; The Musical opened the same weekend of which both my husband and Groovy Girl are involved with so I had to go solo.  I don't mind except road trips generally mean reading and napping in the car for me.  Not so this time~I had to stay alert and drive.   Makes me remember to appreciate my husband's willingness to drive me other times; like this Wed. when we head back to the Twin Cities for a play at the Guthrie.

(The St. Croix River)
The oldest son, Erik, spoke eloquently about his parents and I found myself taking notes; after all aren't we supposed to learn from the wealth of knowledge at hand.

Here's what he gathered from his parents and passed back to us:

Erik said he'd learned three skills from each of his parents and shared short quips about each one of them to us.  I'm going to share them out to you without the quips.

From his mother, Marcia, he learned:

1. Show up; you've got to at least show up, being there is half the battle.
2. Look for opportunities; doors close, others open in a new direction.
3. Stay positive and interested.  (He talked about her amazing ability to engage others easily in conversation which showed him later how to cross-examine-he's a lawyer.)

From his father, Marv, he learned:

1. A do-it-yourself attitude; after all "how hard could it be?"  Marv tried to build a boat using my dad's boat as an actual model. Need I say more.
2. Be Flexible; don't worry about the small things.
3. Intellectual Curiousity is a way of life.

And from both:
1. Mutual respect
2. Be optimistic.
 3. Don't be afraid to fail; the power to embrace failure is the key to success.

All great advice, right!  It is wonderful to have such love spread back to you from your children.  I'll be well in to my eighties if I ever am to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss but it will be worth it to see what my children have to say!

A little lending library at the park was my favorite site.  I want one now out front.  You can see me reflected back in the glass instead of the books but it was filled with a wide variety of books.

Even though I was gone for only one night my family was ecstatic to have me back.  I got lots of hugs and kisses from big and small. It warmed my heart to make it back and forth safe and sound and receive such love from my family.  I guess I'll have to leave more often!

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