Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's for dinner?

I dislike that question from my children. Don't you?  I want them to like what ever is set before them.  Really I do.  They rarely do.  It is one way for them to take ownership of their little corner of the world.  "But Mom....remember I don't like onions [insert food of choice, rotates on a daily basis]"and said in a somewhat whiny voice.  It's okay, whatever I make is good for you and you're going to eat it, said with a smile is my general response.

(Two Lodge skillets with pizza dough)
Pizza is one universal food they can agree on.  Teenage boy has said he could eat it every night of the week without fail.  His second choice of daily meals:  buttered pasta.  I know, right.  So lacking in imagination.  What happened to my boy who loved veggies, and tofu, and ate what I put down on the table 'cuz he loved me!

I woke up this morning with pizza on my mind, even though I've cut WAYYY back on bread/gluten items.  Over the winter I'd read an article in MS's Living magazine about making pizza in a cast iron skillet.  I didn't make it then but it's been jiggling in the back of my mind ever since.  Today was the day.

(The big pizza got a sprinkling of black olives and sauteed portebellos)

I didn't have a chance to make the dough this morning because I've been religiously going through my yoga routine first thing and then I had to get to my husband's performing arts camp to help out.  That was alright though as I thought when I bring Groovy Girl home she and I can make the dough and it can have half a day to sit.  Not the best but okay.  I can be flexible.  I regretted this later as the dough was very sticky.

(Just out of the oven)

I used the Mel's Kitchen Cafe dough I've used the last 5-7 times I've made pizza.  How many times does one use someone else's recipe before it becomes their own?  Maybe never!  I then googled pizza in cast iron skillet thinking I would come up with Martha's article but nope I got King Arthur's recipe instead.  I like KA products and as I read through the recipe it sounded good.  The skillets were slick.  The pizza slides right out  I added a garlic olive oil drizzle to the pan before I pressed the dough. The kids loved it, especially the thick Chicago-style crust.  It was a little two deep dish for me and I limited myself to one slice but the flavor was great.  Making the little one for Groovy Girl without the mushrooms and olives was perfect.  She likes crust and red sauce with just a dusting of cheese.  Using the skillet made it less of a production, which makes me think I could whip out a little one for her for lunch.

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