Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Cooking; Breakfast for dinner!

Meal planning has gone out the window during this busy summer but I've still crafted some inspiring dinners.
I had a bag of organic potatoes and some gorgeous farm eggs from my teaching friend John.  Put them all together and you can make a wonderful crustless quiche!  I sliced the potatoes and cooked them with a mix of unsalted butter and olive oil in my ever-so-useful Lodge cast iron skillet.  I sauteed them for about 10-15 minutes, making sure to stir a few times. You can see the whites of the potato change color as it cooks. Once you think they've cooked enough then your ready for the eggs.

While the potatoes cooked I cracked a dozen eggs into a large bowl and whisked them with a big splash of milk.  I added large sprinkles of sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and a seasoning salt from Penzey's
I was so into egg whisking I forgot to snap a photo but look at those beautiful shells.

I added some sour cream to the egg mix but you could also add cream cheese or goat cheese. I poured the egg mixture  over the nicely browned potatoes in the skillet and let it bubble up all together.  I let it sit on a low burner for a few minutes to cook underneath and then popped it into the broiler to finish off the top.  Half way through I pulled the rack out and sprinkled grated mozzarella cheese on top.  

This is what it looks like after sitting on the broiler.  Watch it so it doesn't get too brown.  I sprinkled more cheese on it before taking it to the table.  I used my pie cutter and a spatula and it came right out of the pan in nice pie pieces. There it is all dressed up with salsa, sprouts, a dab of sour cream on the top and a slice of toasted sour dough bread on the side. Should have had a slice of bacon on the side but it was probably already eaten! The four of us ate more than half of this for dinner with just a few slices for leftover lunch the next day. Salud!

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