Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Salsa Season

My mom brought me enough tomatoes to fill an entire kitchen counter.  My young nephew Jasper picked most of them for her and his count I think was 72 plump and vibrant red toms.  Last night I started the process of turning them into salsa.  They were so gorgeous though it was hard to not want to save them for mozzarella, basil salads or avocado, lettuce sandwiches; I compromised and saved 6.
The rest I plopped into boiling water then plunged into an ice bath before slipping the skins from the meat.

I used this great article from to remind me how to skin the tomatoes.

It was late last night and so the rest of the process will happen today.  Most of last week I had back-to-school classes that I had to attend because I'd switched districts. This week I have school everyday with meetings the first 3 days and students on Thursday.  I have MUCH to do but today I will spend most of it making the salsa that I love because the tomatoes don't wait. And the fruit flies start to circulate.

Read more about my salsa-making adventures right here with cute photos of a younger short-haired Groovy Girl + the recipe!   Have a healthy week!

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Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Wow, that's a lot of tomatoes. Mine are growing very slowly this year. Probably because of our unusually cool summer. I never tried making my own salsa. When I do manage to get a huge crop I make puree for pasta sauce.

B Reading said...

I tried to comment via Bloglovin but got bounced out!!! Just to say Lucky Lady those tomatoes look good. We get anaemic versions here. I enjoyed eating toms in France because they are so much tastier.