Sunday, February 1, 2015

I'm crushed; my baby is growing up!

It happened.  About a week or so ago Groovy Girl and I started another night time book and there were a few nights she opted out of reading. In the past she is generally excited to read and it is encentive to get ready for bed and wind down.  She has trouble getting into the mode and storytime has been our bridge, the cuddling that goes with it and the story all lead to an easy bedtime routine.  It doesn't hurt that she's my baby and I loved this special time.

Just a few chapters in to the new book she announced to me as she was preparing for bed that she just wasn't that interested in reading together anymore.  This is what it sounded like to me "I don't love you and your little stories ANYMORE!"  Ackkkk.

After my initial reaction, we had a nice talk about this new stage of her life journey, and she said things like "Mom I am 12 you know!"  As if I'd forgotton.  Then I made a comment that she would now have to read a lot more on her own as us reading together counted to me as reading time for her.  Reading is an issue for Groovy Girl.  It's not her first choice of a leisure activity.  She likes YouTube, Minecraft, Sims, and crafting. She loves watching movies on Netflix.  She is creative, outgoing, and fiesty. She is a dancer and pirouettes her way through the house several times in a day but sitting down with with a good book is the very last thing on her list.  The very last thing.  I often hand her a book only to find her back on her iPod.  I've taken the iPod away to make my point but that doesn't feel right to me as then I've just made reading an even bigger chore.

While we were talking I said that her older brother and sister were heavily into reading Harry Potter and beyond when we stopped reading together.  She was a baby at the time so she doesn't recall but they were often found (and still to this day) curled up with a good book.  I know I have to let this go but I'm worried she won't have that same joy. Curling up with a good YouTube video is not the same.  Ackkkk.

We did compromise.  We didn't quit cold turkey.  She said we could finish this current book, Circa Now by Amber McKee Turner, and it's good but I'm a bit sad that we're not finishing with something classically amazing.  Maybe she'll change her mind.  Especially when I lay down the new Groovy Girl reading expectations.

Any advice for this tough time?


Kay said...

Hmmm...I feel your pain. Really. OK, my baby girl is 32 now and it was the saddest part of my life when I realized that she would never be the lover of the written word that I was. I guess I thought that all those stories I read to her would ease her into my perfect hobby. Eh, not so much. She is a movie girl totally. And creative. A baker - she makes and decorates amazing cupcakes and cakes. And she does like audiobooks for her commute to work.

Good luck with the transition. I know that you want to encourage her reading time. Maybe listening?

V said...

Might be time to start a Mother Daughter Book Club!