Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Where does the summer go?

At this time of the month I begin to wonder what I did all summer? Where did the time go? In just one week I will be back in school.  I haven't blogged nearly enough over the summer. I didn't finish writing any of the 3-4 stories I'm invested in finishing.  I didn't get enough closets cleaned out.  It's like panic mode.  I'm not done with my summer homework...

On the other hand I've taken an awesome vacation to Asheville, NC where we floated down the French Broad River, ate at many wonderful places, listened to bluegrass at Isis, toured the Biltmore, and tried many of the local breweries. We accomplished a lot in the short time we were there.

I've cleaned out clutter-what feels like a constant life job-and helped Groovy Girl and Best Friend host a garage sale.  I've helped a friend out by nannying her three children while she works this summer so I've been able to take them to the water park, the beach, and the library just to name a few fun days. I have spent some mornings writing but it is few and far between. How do I set up a practice of writing on a real regular basis? This question has plagued me for years.  I don't even get enough blogging done.

I've just gotten back into a good rhythm of doing some yoga in the morning and when school begins again I need to be ready to seriously get up out of BED and continue this yoga practice to stay with what I've built this summer.

I've read a ton which has been an amazing journey. Many summers I just try to keep up with books for school and this year I was introduced to the app @Litsy (thanks to @Librarydady) which has raised my reading to a new level. @Litsy gives me many adult titles to look for and order from our public library. I picked up a few from my own piles at home also and one of them was A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, which is my favorite book this year now. I recommend it to anyone who loves good fiction and isn't concerned about 720 pages. It flies by.

It's been a good summer. I may never have a summer where I write every day. I have several stories that are important to me though so I'm going to have to find a way.  I did take time to play this summer. I've enjoyed time with Groovy Girl -a ninth grader this year. I did spend time in my beloved orange hammock.  I've spent time exploring nature, eating good summer food, picking tomatoes out of my garden, had frosty summertime drinks on the patio, and basked in the glory that is summer, my favorite season.

And in one week I need to be ready for school.

(Photos: Looking in at Lake Lure, Groovy Girl and me, The Biltmore, Prescott kiddos and me, former student Julia and I, Crosby walking)

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