Friday, November 6, 2009

Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Two weeks ago I was so excited when my two new boxes of Titlewave books arrived because inside was a copy of Sent! I read it over that next week and loved it. I didn't want to put it down-life always gets in the way though and I did have to stop more than a few times-but I was always anxious to pick it back up!
Sent (2009) is the second in Margaret Peterson Haddix's new Missing series. Click here to read my thoughts on Found, the first one in the series.
This outstanding new series  mixes history with  sci-fi time-taveling fun! Most children would love to find out they are related to royalty-and in this book 13-year-old Chip is Edward V, King of England and Alex is his younger brother Richard,  Duke of York.  Edward is worried their uncle, Richard of Gloucester is going to have them killed and take the throne for himself.   Jonah, Chip, Alex and Katherine travel back to the 15th Century to "fix time"  and interesting things happen to teenagers trying to fit into language, mannerisms and costumes of a very different time period. I loved imagining independent Katherine existing in a the not-to-female-friendly 15th Century!  I don't know a lot about this historical era but it is very exciting to read  all the mystery and intrigue of the day!  Highly recommend this series and cannot wait to see where the next book will take us.  5/5 peaceful stars
Looks like she has a brand new book out in November!!  No mention of when the third Missing book will be out though.

I know you're all asking "what else was in those boxes of new books??"
For curious minds here is a partial list:

Allie Finkle's Stage Fright by Meg Cabot
43 Old Cemetary Road; Dying to meet you by Kate Klise
Julia Gillian (and the quest for joy) by Alison McGhee
the entire new and improved Herculeah Jones mystery series by Betsy Byars
The Clever Stick by John Lechner
Elephants cannot dance! by Mo Willems
A pocket can have a treasure in it by Kathy Stinson
Read it, don't eat it! by Ian Schoenherr

Yeah, more forthcoming reviews to write:)
What about you?  What has you excited this week?
Be Peaceful,

ps: the book fair has been busy today as well-and it has taken me all day to write this (yikes!) because of bfair business and visitors stopping by -Tina from booksaremything dropped by and bought two books!!


Jana said...

I got my first order in also...and in also included Sent, Julia Gillian (loved those books) and Allie Finkle. Have fun reading!

Janssen said...

I cannot WAIT to read Sent. I just read Found a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.