Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Burning Question

Picture courtesy of Pamela Villars website
Last night I had a blook club meeting.  We didn't have a reading selection we just met to discuss our summer reading.  I brought a huge stack to share.  Somewhere in the middle of everyone sharing their book love someone brought up this crazy idea of reading the last page, sentence or word of a book.  The thought was that if you are enjoying the book why not take just a tiny peek at the ending...

There was an audible gasp from some of us there.  and then the fence came up.  It seems some people really do read the last little bit, whether its the last word, sentence or page.  Several of our book club members owned up to peeking on purpose!!  And they weren't ashamed to admit it.  The reasons ranged from wanting to see if the book was worth finishing, or to see if a character makes it to the end to even one answer (I read just the last word-it reflects the rest of the book). 

So I have to many of you take a little peek at the last page of a book??  Do you read the ending often or just once in awhile?  I'm so curious about this as I don't read ahead or look at the ending.  Which side of the fence are you on??