Friday, July 2, 2010

Lazy days

dedicated to the one I love
I've had all week to post reviews and what have I been doing...

laying around...groaning and moaning in complete agony!!!

I have a pinched nerve at the base of my spine which is affecting my left leg and
causing great distress in my brain-meaning the pain overrides
everything else I try to think about.  My back and leg did hurt during our Michigan trip but the pain
skyrocketed when I got home. 
I dislike pain (most of us don't...), dislike not being able to walk or
do any number of the household chores waiting for me after camping. 

Thankfully my helpful husband has stepped right up to the plate and
taken over...just as he did when I was on bedrest during my last pregnancy.
Okay, that is not to say he hasn't stepped up at all in the last 7 years but this
is different-he's become some what of a man servant for me!

He's doing the massive loads of laundry left from camping, he's planned and made meals (salmon, even), and he's driven me
to and fro chiropractic and doctor appointments all in-between getting me glasses of ice water, breakfast,
etc.  He's a Godsend, literally.
Yesterday after pain was not subsiding from adjustments I headed to my regular doctor for some relief.  It came in
the form of muscle relaxers and pain meds.  As an organic mama I'm not a big fan of over the counter, under the counter or behind the counter drugs but something had to be done or I was going to pull my head off.  Really.

Today I'm lucy in the sky with diamonds...
loopy with a dry mouth and eyelids at half mast.
Small price to pay for a pretty decent sleep last night.
oh, and I'm not a-weepin' and a-wailin'  as I was
the day before.  Yes,  I even cried walking through my chiropracter's
waiting room yesterday.  (not a positive advertisement) 

During the low pain moments I have accomplished some reading...

I finished Devil on my Heels by Joyce McDonald-a great historical fiction that let me escape to Florida's orange groves for a bit.  I will finish The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley today and I'm going through my stack of food magazines to clip the recipes I want to save.  I used to save all my Vegetarian Times copies but the stack gets to be too much so now I clip them and put them in a three-ring-binder. 

Thankfully friends have kindly taken my girl  to the pool several times this week.  Fetching ice packs and refreshing my water glass is not her idea of summer fun either!!  Hopefully by next week things will be much improved on this end-then I will be crying for joy with new appreciation for walking and sitting pain-free!

What about you...what has you crying for joy this week?


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry about your back and leg and nerve. It sounds awful. I pray that things will be looking and feeling better next week. Big kudos to your husband. He sounds like a definite keeper! LOL You take care!

Shelley said...

I hope you get over this soon! I'm glad your husband is helping out!

Tif Sweeney said...

Oh no!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon! I have recently gone through a bad back bout and it really stinks being limited so much! Here's to quick healing!! :)