Thursday, July 29, 2010

Should be reading a book but instead I'm surfing-

     My house is very quiet tonight as my two young nephews and my mother left today after a four day visit.  We had loads of fun with only a small sunburn fiasco (don't ask).  My husband accomplished his 80 miles of Ragbrai today.  I've re-tidied the house.  Whoosh!  Exhale.  Breathe.  Repeat.

Cute Pie Cousins
     While my daughter merrily plays dress-up/house in her basement playroom I have just a few more minutes before Harry Potter story time begins. She's lost in her own happy fantasy land after playing with boys that last few days-boy energy!! First I posted pictures of my nephews on FB so my brother could see our mischief and I scrolled around the blog world, extensively.  Wow, how much time do you spend on-line?  I'm constantly shooing both my children away from the television but I, myself, can spend hours reading everyone's blog posts!  Hypocrite!?  What say you? 

What did I find out there that was so amazingly fascinating...

oh, lots I assure you...

top ten kick *** list of  YA heroines at The Story Siren-click over and see if you agree with her choices.  Hermione and Katniss are there!  I haven't read a few of her choices so added them to my good reads list.

Milk and Cookies; Comfort Reading has a very interesting post about how we (bloggers) decide what to write about; do you run out of ideas?, do you plan weeks at at a time?-click over and let her know what you think!  I don't run out of ideas but I run out of time...too much cleaning the house and reading online!!  Made me think about the process of thinking for some reason-I must be getting back in school mode.

The Crowded Leaf is celebrating her one year anniversary with several interesting ARC's to giveaway-click over and enter to win.


Reading with Tequila is taking a vacation in September to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! -Click over and sign on to write a guest post while she's gone.  I am so jealous of Harry Potter Land...well, and a vacation in September-seems like a perfect holiday time.

I also added a few more reading spots to my organic blogroll.  Check out the left hand column to see what's new.  This is a new feature I want to focus on and I plan to add a peace and justice blogroll soon. And as if that isn't enough...we ended up at a bookstore today...

Yeah for new books!!

     My mama bought me two new books at our local Barnes and Noble birthday is coming up and I'm on a book buying ban until my reading from my own shelves challenge is complete.  Thank You, Mama!!  I now have Outside the Ordinary World by Dori Ostermiller, after reading Tina's Book Review. and That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week; Helping Disorganized Boys Succeed in School and Life by Ana Homayoun.  I'm excited to delve into both of these but am also immersed in Lisbeth Sander's intense life in The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.  So Many Choices!!  See why it's is a big, fat circle of book love!

So how are you spending your evening...?
Do you spend too much time on-line?  And what is your definition of too much time?? 
I'm sure it's different for everyone but what works for you?

Up next:
Plan to host a giveaway of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow...I want someone else to have the chance to read this thought-provoking story.
Post about my recent baking adventures including the chocolate chip cookies I made with my nephews (photos included).
My thoughts on The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender (note to self: find more Bender books...) and from Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between by Elizabeth Atkinson coming soon.
I had an odd dream last night I was bartending with Brad Pitt...?? Hmmm- Maybe I should save my dreams for another day!

Ahh, now my head is clear and I'm ready to actually read.
I feel freer after all this link love!!

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