Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plastic-Free February

We are celebrating the first day of February with a SNOW DAY!!  One more day for Teenage Boy to study for his Chem. Test, one day for me to blog and Groovy Girl wants to make a cake...Yeah, Yeah, for snow days!!!  In my browsing around this a.m. (after I made waffles in my jammies):

The Rodale Company is one that I trust...I'm not a big fan of large mega-companies but the people at Rodale stand for organic.  I have several gardening books and have received many of their magazines in the past.  Rodale.com is hosting a challenge for the month of February...to go plastic-free. 

Why go plastic free?  There are plenty of reasons to cut down. It's made from either petroleum or natural gas, two nonrenewable resources extracted in ways that pollute our air and water. Plastic manufacturers add chemicals to certain types of plastics that can be highly toxic, like bisphenol A and phthalates. And very few types of plastic are widely recycled. (find the full article here  Rodale.com)

Three Simple Rules:

1. No buying or acquiring new plastic.

2. No cooking with plastic or storing food in plastic.
3. Minimize all other plastic use.

Check out Rodale.com for a list of participating bloggers who will be posting regular updates.  I will just be trying to do it and maybe posting how difficult it is.  I just realized my glass Pyrex bowls (while wonderful) have plastic lids!   I try not to purchase things that are overpackaged but we do use plastic food storage containers, especially for Groovy Girl's lunch box.  I'm going to set out on this challenge with one thing in mind really-to try  not bring any new plastic into the house and that means buying in bulk with my own glass jars.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Anyone else up for this challenge?

Plastic Tip for the day:  Do not microwave your food in plastic containers.  Use glass or ceramic dishes instead.  The plastic leaks into your food and has been directly linked to certain cancers.  **As Janssen points out there is no real evidence of this claim more a gut-feeling about a petroleum-based product holding my delicious food as it heats up hot and fast.  I don't like petro that much. **

Check out these plastic-free lunch containers...LunchBots.  I want them...anyone have them already and are they wonderful?


Janssen said...

I've been thinking a lot about the plastic/microwave issue lately, but I can't find any studies that back this up - everything I read (Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, etc) says there is no link between microwave-safe plastics and cancer. Can you point me to the studies you've read?

I'm willing to make the switch if it's a legitimate concern, but I'm too cheap to do it if there's no medical reason to do so.

Love those pretty bowls!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Oh Vintage pyrex -- nice! I've been avoiding microwaving in plastic as well.

Gnoe (@graasland) said...

Oooooops... too late: had lunch in my plastic bento box today :\ Oh well. Good luck with your plastic free Feb! I have enough at my hands already with my ExtraVeganza project going on.

I could try not to buy any plastic this month, but how is that possible if even organic cleaning liquids etc. come in plastic bottles? So does vegan cheese... Or does it just concern non-food items?

Love the yellow bowls btw!