Saturday, February 4, 2012

28 Days of Things I Love; #4

I love curling up with a good book!

I love the words that I learn the sentence structure, the descriptions.  I fall head over heals in love with characters.  Claire Marvel by John Burnham Schwartz is a perfect example of good writing and memorable characters.  I wanted to get home every day just to read another paragraph, another chapter yet not too fast lest the end come to quickly.

As a young girl I loved curling up in my room and reading the day away.  Today is no different-I squirrel away moments to read as I make dinner, while I wait in line, as I eat lunch at work and especially while I soak in a quiet bath.  I read with my two older children as they moved into middle school age and now read religiously with my youngest.  I'm slightly interested in ebooks yet I know I will always journey with a book in my hand.  I celebrate the printed word, especially stories as marvelous as Claire Marvel!

One quote:
I began to close the bag, then changed my mind.  "Want a Life Saver?"
She cocked her head skeptically. "Depends on the flavor."
"Butter Rum," I said.
Brightening, she nodded-a girlish bounce of her head that sent a thrill through me.  I peeled the damp foil back so she could take one.
"I forgot how good these are." She was rolling the candy noisily around her tongue. (5)

I love this scene as it introduces both Claire and Julian.  In this moment standing in the rain she holds a yellow umbrella and he is soaked.  Their relationship in the beginning throes seems picture perfect except Julian hesitates unsure of himself and she waits expectantly.  Oh-the thrill of a good book!  This one is a keeper.

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Janssen said...

Sometimes, when I'm really loving a book, I close it and just hold it to my chest, savoring the feeling of falling in love with a new world and cast of characters.