Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break Begins

Spring Break 2011-Little Rock

Oh, I am in serious need of a break to regroup and heal. Luckily we are staying home this year.  I've had a cold for what seems like 2-3 weeks and I just cannot shake it.  I finally went to the drugstore and purchased Thera-flu because I've done all my good homeopathic methods to better health and it just keeps hanging on.  I want to spend this coming week doing fun things NOT blowing my nose and smelling like vapor rub.  Bleech.

Luckily I've been to the library (with Tina) so I have a pile of good books to read.  I have a  special blog post to write about the beautiful Joan of Arc for Kidlit Celebrates Women's History! My post will be featured on March 17th but every day they have an interesting post to check out.

I finished I don't know how she does it by Allison Pearson this morning.  I skipped church to sleep and in order to get back to sleep( after helping frustrated daughter find something great to wear to church) I had to read a little.

I did cook one major meal last week-it was a veggie-filled soup from Tucker Shaw's book but the soup, advertised in the book as THE sure-fire method for getting better, did not work.  Not only that my husband who loves just about anything edible didn't even finish his bowl.  Big waste of lots of veggies.  Boo.

Any remedies I should know about, let me know...

Happy Spring Break.


Unknown said...

Boooo - being sick, especially on a vacation, is such a bummer. Thera-Flu tastes like it might kill you, so it will probably make you better in a hurry! I hope so!!

And I totally had no idea that you and Tina were friends in real life! I think I found out about your blog through hers. How cool :)

JoAnn said...

Aww, hope you feel better soon. Rest up!

NatalieSap said...

Happy Spring Break to you! I have one more week until mine, and I can't wait. When I'm sick, I drink lots and lots and LOTS of orange juice. And sleep. You need sleep. Yes, 16 hours may seem excessive, but it really does help your body rest and recover. Hope you get better soon!