Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oberlin, Ohio

(The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies)

     We're on the road again, headed to our first college Parent's Weekend for daughter, Kaylee.  Last Spring we spent time in Oberlin for a quick weekend initial visit and we loved this little town.  It has a book store, knitting store and great little restaurant within walking distance of the campus.  And the campus is beautiful and very eco-friendly.  I'm listening to the train whistle outside of Chicago, in a small town called Hobart, where one of my closest friends live. 
     Early in the morning I'm going to get up and help her make bread at her bakery, Marilyn's and by 8:00 we'll be heading to Oberlin-a mere four (or so) hours away.  I have a guest teacher doing my job tomorrow-so all day I will feel a little like I'm playing hookey!  I finished rereading  Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins on the drive and start My Abandonment by Peter Rock as I crawl between the sheets.  Happy Reading everyone!

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