Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

I saw it!  I loved it! 

     We went last night at 7 with teenage boy.  He sat between us so he could hold the popcorn bucket.  There were scary parts and swooning parts.  I didn't realize they were breaking it up into two parts but that was okay.  I liked the introspective flair to it-it wasn't just rushing from scene to scene although there were a few times I was like, oh, hurry up and speak.  There is one storytelling scene that blew our minds-we all agreed it was our favorite-it looked like paper cut-outs and puppetry combined.  I thought it was inspiring and really showed the acting growth of all three major players.  Luna and her father were luminescent in their secondary roles. 

     I haven't had a chance to read much about it in the blogging world yet as I alternated this weekend between relaxing to get well and working.  I was a little sad we didn't see it on Thursday night but for number 6 we did go to the midnight showing with both teenagers and well, (said sheepishly) I began to nod off at some point. [My husband says my elbow slipped off the armrest]..., really?? Even though I love Harry, Ron and Hermione it was way, way past my bedtime so this time we opted for an easier viewing time for all of us. 

post note:  I realized upon further contemplation that this is the perfect HP comparison to teenagers-the feeling is moody, troubled and tangled.


  1. Hey! I just stumbled onto your amazing blog, and I'm definitely following for more reviews. I loved your views on the Harry Potter movie, and I can't wait to watch it soon too.
    Anyway, I love your posts, and your awesome blog layout!

    Happy reading,
    Tina @ Book Couture

  2. We haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait!! Maybe next weekend after Thanksgiving when everybody else is focused on shopping :)

  3. I am finally catching up on your posts and I had saved this one for when I had more time to read and comment. I loved the movie too and hope to have my review posted in the next week or so! I completely agree that the mood is parallel to teenage angst. But, you have my curious as to what scene you are talking about that blew your minds. Please share!!


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