Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ear Candling-Do You Do It?

     Years ago, while living in Denver, Colorado,  one of my dear friends candled my ears.  It was cool and felt good.  For years I've been candling my children's ears. I candled both children's ears tonight as per their request.  They ask for it when they feel stuffed up or ear waxy.  Luckily our small organic store still carries ear candles-though they come at a price.  I've heard and read lots of negative about this practice but as of yet we've never had a problem.  We only do it maybe twice a year.  My kids have never had any ear infections or even get sick that often (knock on wood) so I consider it to be just a bit of preventive medicine.  We can't get around the fact that our ears feel better afterwards.  Right now is the perfect time as we took a long road trip, the weather is changing and we are running on low energy-all factors which contribute to getting sick. 

     Have you ever had you ears candled?  Would you?