Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Patricia Polacco's In Our Mother's House-A Celebration of Love

     Published in 2009,  this book is a perfect showcase of how any set of parents, be they male or female, gay, lesbian or straight can bring love to children.  As a teacher I see children who need and crave that exact unconditional love good parents can provide-so many children are missing out on what  joy a real family can bring.  Patricia Polocco is one of my favorite authors and I've written before how easily she can make me tear up.  This book not only makes me teary (I had to stop reading at one point and my Groovy Girl took over reading, patted my hand and said 'it's okay, mama':)  but it brings a very timely message to the table. 

     This is what the end note has to say: " Polacco has met many children with parents just like Marmee and Meema.  She saw a true need for books that celebrate these children's wonderful, yet untraditional,  families, and created this heart-warming story in their honor." 

     The book begins:  "When my mothers told me about how they brought me home to live with them shortly after I was born, their eyes would shine and glisten and they'd grin from ear to ear.  They told me how they had walked across dry hot deserts, sailed through turbulent seas, flew over tall mountains and trekked through fierce storms just to bring me home."

     I count several sets of same-sex parents as friends (is that like saying I have lots of friends who are black?) and all provide such happy, unconditional love to their children.  I wish Iowa had not ousted our judges who chose to uphold the law thus providing same-sex couples with the right to marry as U.S. citizens.  I consider this the civil rights fight of our time.  When will we see that love is just love and worthy of celebration.  This book shares the life of one couple, two mama's and the three children they raise together= a happy family and I'm glad  Patricia Polacco made the choice to write about this controversial topic.   

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