Sunday, November 28, 2010

German Pancakes

         My sister-in-law made thee most delicious German pancakes for us while we were visiting over Thanksgiving.  My kids loved them and she said they were easy to make so I googled and found a great recipe on a blog called Adventures in the Kitchen by Cheri.  I read around a bit on her blog and found other recipes I liked so now you can find her on the right-hand side bar Food and Wine section.  Thank you Cheri-I used your recipe tonight and my children ate them all up.

     We did have a very relaxing holiday with my mom and two of my brothers (oldest and youngest) and their families.  My youngest brother and I love to cook-a skill we attibute to both our mother and grandmother.  Throughout my childhood we had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at my grandmother's house (over the snow and through the woods to Amity Drive we go)  and she cooked up a storm.  She used an old gas oven in the basement to keep up with the demandsof  cooking a  turkey, sweet potatoes, bread and pies for many of us. It has always been tough to get down her timing of getting everything to the table at the same time.  We did it this year though between my mother, sister-in-law, brother and myself.  Yeahhh, Grandma Bruch-we did it. And then we sat down and ate it (almost) all up.

     The holidays of my childhood will live on through this yearly celebration but I still  miss her and her cooking terribly.   My grandmother was somewhat of a health nut but she was definetely a meat and potatoes women.  She balanced it out with oatmeal every morning.  My brother and I tend to cook more vegetarian now but we did have a 13 # locally-raised (right here in Iowa) turkey so the little ones, my husband, teenager and my oldest brother's family would not miss the  big bird.   It was yummy-all of it.  Yes, I tasted a little of everything.  Even the dressing was worthy (thanks Mom).

     Okay, I digressed from German Pancakes to our holiday time but we did have such a good celebration and it was all food-related.  I didn't blog once while gone as I just enjoyed my extended family.  I hope you had a lovely holiday time as well.

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Cheri said...

Thanks so much! Your pancake turned out beautifully. It is making me hungry. Food can evoke powerful memories! Look forward to reading more.