Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Om Baby-Green Books Campaign


This is a bright and colorfully-done book with a small, elfin-like, one-eyed creature.  "Hi, My name is Om Baby.  I am an Om Being from a small community called Omville.  I have only one eye because I see the world and all beings as one."  Om is the Sanskrit word and symbol meaning "all that is."  The book has a beautiful fluidity to it, with each picture accompanying simple text.

Om Baby is peaceful. 
Om Baby is kind.
Om Baby believes in the power of his  mind.

I like what Horsfield was going for but I wanted more.  Even the youngest reader can understand so much more and I felt she was just touching the surface of this one-eyed beings feeling toward the earth and the world around us. 

I loved this one:
Om Baby eats his greens.

Accompanied by a picture of a green garden, growing carrots, sunflowers, radishes or beets, corn, pumpkins with a sun blazing down.  Om Baby is shown eating his greens-like arugula! 

Check out Shamet Horsfield's interesting website.  You can sign a petition for peace while you there. She has a good story to tell and as someone on the outside edge myself, I can understand her need to create a book that represents her philosophy. I hope she continues to create, pulling more peaceful ideas into a deeper story. 

This review is part of the Green Books Campaign. Click on Green Books to find the list of 200 books being reviewed by participating bloggers today. 
This review is part of the Green Books campaign. 

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Serena said...

sounds like a good introduction that could use additional books in a series.

Kelly said...

The Om Baby is adorable :) It looks like something a lot of little kids might enjoy, even if just for the pictures!

Schamet Horsfield said...

Thank you Peaceful Reader for the fabulous review! YES, there is more to come! I have just finished writing my next three books in the series and will be submitting them to an agent just as soon as I finish the illustrations.(this part of creation takes the longest). The next book is an adventure story and goes into depth in telling the "Om Baby story". I think its my best work ever! I believe this is the deeper meaning you are looking for and am deeply honored that my first book left you wanting to know more! FYI when I created Om Baby, Child of the Universe I had drawn all the illustrations first and then had to figure out how to write the text and how to weave the "story" of my illustrations together. I really did not know I was creating a book as I was just following a vision and my passion was poring out of me into the form of illustrations. This time I have decided to write the next books first and then illustrate them! I will keep you posted about their release dates. I'm going to be giving birth to baby #2 in May so I will have a very busy year!

All my best and again thank you so very much for taking the time to review my book,
Schamet Horsfield